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Friday, February 29, 2008


A Poem...

no assistance

without any assistance or guidance from you
i have loved you assiduously for 8 months 2 wks & a day
i have been stood up four times
i've left 7 packages on yr doorstep
forty poems 2 plants & 3 handmade notecards i left
town so i cd send to you have been no help to me
on my job
you call at 3:00 in the mornin on weekdays
so i cd drive 27 1/2 miles cross the bay before i go to work
charmin charmin
but you are of no assistance
i want you to know
this waz an experiment
to see how selfish i cd be
if i wd really carry on to snare a possible lover
if i waz capable of debasin my self for the love of another
if i cd stand not being wanted
when i wanted to be wanted
& i cannot
with no further assistance & no guidance from you
i am endin this affair

this note is attached to a plant
i've been watering since the day i met you
you may water it
yr damn self

— from for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf, by Ntozake Shange


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I'm hoping to submit a couple of the photos from this site for a National Geographic Contest. With that in mind if you have any which you personally enjoy, or which you think stand out please let me know. Thanks for stopping by and please pass this site on as I always like to welcome the 'critics' with open arms...

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'Indian Winter'

Thursday, February 7, 2008